Having said that this is a major opportunity, this is also a big fact that competition is also going to be more than ever this year. We discussed this and the reasons for the same in this Open Session  as well.

Some of the reasons for this are :

1⃣ Many good and sincere students have started prelims preparation earlier this year ( 20-30 days before, on an average).

2⃣ Early interviews of 2023, giving more time to the interview appeared students to prepare better.

3⃣ Post 2023 CSAT exam and its decisive role in deciding who got through to Mains, no student is in a mood to ignore CSAT this year.
The Result – there will be less number of students who clear GS this year and aren’t qualifying due to CSAT.

4⃣ Better preparation of GS. Simple logic – if you are preparing well this year, why will your competitors sit at the same level?

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