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2. For Money Wasters:
How much money have you wasted till now on courses, you didn’t attend?

Then there is another kind of candidate who waste money. They join “n”number of courses here and there. They do not finish the entire course. And in most cases they don’t even attend a single session or don’t write a test. And they keep on wasting the money every year. By thinking that this course or Another institute or another mentor might be helpful for them.
Remember my words:
There are two things not able to study and don’t want to study. Mentorship can surely help in first scenario but not much in second one .

You know the kind of money they have wasted in buying the courses and do not attend,
In that they could have stayed in Goa or in some hill station for a month( min).
And they could have had a lifetime experience. But they keep on wasting the money. And I know they will.

Lesson- Don’t waste money on courses which you won’t attend. With that money have a Good experience of life.

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