Uncover the real beauty of Prelims PYQs

Are you still dependent on the older, conventional, orthodox and phased out PYQ techniques?

Do you know why these techniques couldn’t survive time?
Due to a very simple reason – they were just cosmetic

Students were made to believe that just by focusing on these cosmetic treatments, they’ll sail through. For some years, it fortunately ( or unfortunately) did happen.

But a cosmetic treatment is always cosmetic, no matter how beautiful it is made to look.

As a result, it was very easy for UPSC to phase them out. And when this happened, there was a natural reaction from all corners – reactions of disbelief, distrust, anger, discomfort and shock.

Students were made to believe that PYQs are gone. Why? Simple. It was very difficult for the industry to admit that only the cosmetic treatments were gone.

No one will tell you this. But please hear us out. Only the cosmetic treatments are gone. Not the real beauty of PYQs.

What’s only required is the will and ability to uncover this real beauty of PYQs.

Whether you want to do it or not depends on you.

Reel vs Real

Traditional/Reel PYQ Analysis
1. Extremes are wrong
2. ‘No’ is always wrong
3. Data is wrong.
4. Organisations are wrong
5. Some logic around Pair based Qs

Etc etc etc.

What Real PYQ analysis is
1. Contextualise the Question
2. Identifying logical incoherences
3. One level deeper
4. The importance of knowing the genesis
5. Inter-question, Intra-question awareness.

And much much more..

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