Previous Year Questions Analysis (1995-2023)


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Previous Year Questions Analysis (1995-2023) (₹5000 + 18% GST)

Previous Year Questions Analysis
Previous Year Questions are the backbone and the soul of any competitive examination. And for UPSC, it has emerged as even more important, be it Prelims or Mains. PYQ is the biggest misutlised shield and sword in the UPSC preparation.
The Previous Year analysis for 2024 Prelims will deal with
a. PYQ Complete Analysis from 1995-2023.
i. Yes – we are very clear on this. PYQs need to be analysed from 1995 to 2023. Not only from 2013 or the last few years.
ii. Very often it’s the game of few marks – and it would be an ocean of guilt if we miss out on something which UPSC had already asked.
b. Detailed Analysis of 2023 Prelims, to :
i. Tell you how UPSC has remained the same.
ii. Tell you how UPSC has changed
iii. Tell you how to perform, even in this atmosphere of chaos and complexity.
c. Important Themes, Sub-Themes and topics which UPSC has always focused
d. Logical skills to solve questions and how that thing has changed over years.
e. Exploring the options other than the one which was the answer.

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