Fast Track Outcome Based Revision Course for Prelims 2023


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  • A program of 20-30 days for effective and quick revision of the static part of the syllabus.
  • You are strictly advised to follow the strict schedule.
  • No Irrelevant and Extra Notes will be given for the topics which are already present in the reference books. You just have to read those topics from the sources you’ve followed till now.  (Any specific notes, however if required, will be given) 





  • Live Revision Zoom Session 
    • You will be guided to study the topics effectively in the limited time.
    • You’ll be given time there and then in the session. You have to complete the reading/ revision of that particular topic in that time. 
    • Major points , most important facts will be highlighted which students shouldn’t miss.
    • Appropriate PYQs, logical techniques, value additions will also be discussed. 
    • Specific focus on difficult, complex, ignored and important topics 
  • Advisable – The Aspirant can integrate his/her schedule according to the outcome schedule. To reap the maximum advantage of the program, student should try syncing one of their revision subjects with the schedule.