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Prelims Test Series (₹4500 + 18% GST)

Some of these mistakes committed by the students in a test series are :
a. Solving tests beyond the capacity
i. Of Course, you should solve as many tests as possible, but this doesn’t mean solving 150 tests without analysing the previous ones.
ii. Ideally, you should solve minimum 30-35 tests. Only after you have analysed them, should you move on to the next tests
b. Not Solving Quality Tests
i. Solving average or poor quality tests can only give you temporary satisfaction, and not results. Unfortunately, most test series today in market aren’t well aligned with the changing needs and the demand of UPSC ii. At SOMP, our aim is very simple – to give absolute quality and relevance in all the tests.
c. Not analysing the tests, and harping on scores rather than the learnings.
i. In Simple words – it’s a sin to not do that.
d. Having an impractical schedule of solving tests, and procrastination.
 The Schedule of our test series is designed as per the practical considerations and to deal with procrastination, we will be conducting tests live on Zoom Session.

Two Components in SOMP Prelims 2024 Test Series

a. Daily MCQ worksheets on Weekdays (Mon to Friday) according to a schedule.

b. Test Series – total 27 tests, having NCERT Tests, Medium Level Tests, High Level Tests, Full Length Tests.

i. 6 NCERT Tests – covering History, Geography, Polity, S&T. (NCT)

ii. 8 Subject Wise Medium Level Tests (MLT)

iii. 7 Subject Wise High Level Tests (HLT)

iv. 6 Full Length Tests covering entire syllabus (FLT)

v. Schedule and details shared below PDF.