Take breaks when you need. Half a day break on Sunday/ any other day should be taken as a break.
On the remaining days – give your 100%.

Assume 100% =1 Day
Total in a week = 6.5 days

What most students do is – giving 70-80% for the day ( out of laziness and comfort zone)
That’s 0.7-0.8 of your daily potential. And then they study for complete week. In a loop. Taking no breaks.

Calculate it : 0.7-0.8 * 7 = 4.9-5.6 days. This is way less than 6.5 days.
Overtime, if you don’t take the break, this will come down to 4-4.5 per week.

Don’t study below your potential for 7 days.
Study 100-120% of your potential for 6.5 days and take a half day break.

This is the best way to make this preparation sustainable, efficient and effective

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