Download Garima Narula AIR-39 Topper Copy – CSE 2022




Garima Narula’s success story serves as an inspiration to aspirants across the nation. Her dedication, perseverance, and exemplary performance in the UPSC CSE 2022 are now accessible to you in the form of her topper copy.

What You’ll Find in This Download:

  • Comprehensive Strategy: Garima’s strategy and approach to tackling the UPSC CSE, including study techniques, time management tips, and subject-wise insights.
  • Subject Notes: Detailed notes on key subjects, prepared by Garima herself, offering valuable information and guidance for each stage of the examination.
  • Interview Preparation: Insights into how Garima prepared for the UPSC interview, along with tips for effective communication and presentation.
  • Inspirational Journey: Learn about the challenges Garima faced, her motivation, and the moments that defined her journey to becoming a top-ranked UPSC CSE candidate.

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