Thought 4 of 60D30T: “From Top rank to Any rank”

             “No one clear the exam after result, they clear it within the process.” SOMP


Decisive curve story goes like this:

When you started your mains 2023 preparation (Pt1) you were full of enthusiasm and excitement. Your aim was not to get any rank but only and only top rank. There was not an iota of doubt that you won’t make into the top ranks.

You started charting out your plan, you were joining the courses in the hope that with this plan and course, you will achieve what you always dreamt of.

You were sure that this will be your time, this is going to be your best attempt. Nothing can stop you from getting the top rank.

Once all the planning work was done you started preparing well and there was a sudden rise in your efficiency. (point 2)You reached to a point where success was inevitable. There was constant adrenaline rush by thinking of achieving what you wanted to be. (May be rank 1)

Time goes by and you don’t even realise when you enter into Great Fall (point 3). You reach to a level where you start convincing yourself that instead of top rank, any rank will do. Your preparation falls to that level where there is no adrenaline rush but only thought of losing the window of opportunity (Thought 6 or 7). This is where the entire planning , excitement comes to a halt.

You start looking at your options. Some starts looking at their reserve category service allocations, cut-offs. You start thinking about getting any rank will do the job this year and may be next year, you would like to start again with a different plan and renewed enthusiasm.

The worst thought which comes during this low phase is changing your aim from Top rank to Any rank to just clearing the mains. Most of you start moving back to the point where you lose faith in yourself, where you start settling down and even some reach to the point where failure becomes inevitable.

         “No one fails after the result,

                     they fail within the process.” SOMP

It takes courage and deeper insight to enter into the Great Rise, point 6 & 7 (awakening).Now the important question is how not to fall back to point 4 & 5 and secondly, how to enter into the curve of Great Rise (pt 6&7), where you always wanted to be when you started your journey for Mains 2023.

To be continued…… (Thought 5 of 60D30T)


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