1. For Money savers:
How much money have you saved at the cost of your 1 attempt?

One type of candidate are money saver.
They save the money at the cost of their attempt. They are obsessed with this thing
“ Self-Study se bane IAS,
Without coaching ke bane IAS”
And they just don’t take external help when urgently needed.

So during the last Mains, I was talking to some candidates and I was telling them, do not become self evaluator, do not try to analyze your own copy, show your copy to someone. if you can get help from a mentor or evaluator that is good even if you are sending these copies to your friend they try to give them something so that your friend will have some form of accountability.
But they didn’t listen to me because they were obsessed with this particular thing that “Bina coaching ke bane IAS”and I know most of them have failed in Mains.

So let me ask again
“ How much have you saved?”
May be 10,000/-15,000/
Is it worth at the cost of one attempt?

Lesson- Do not save money at the cost of your attempts. When needed take professional help. Because money can be earned in life but not TIME.

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