1-1 Mentorship, Common Strategy Sessions(Prelims 2024)


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1-1 Mentorship, Common Strategy Sessions (₹13000 + 18% GST)

a. SOMP provides 1-1 mentorship along with common sessions, unlike only group mentorship provided in the name of mentorship.

b. Mentorship is the USP of SOMP.
c. You will be allotted an experienced mentor who will be there with you in your entire journey of prelims course, through telegram and call.
d. Mentor support helps in channelizing your energy and time towards your goal.
e. Mentor will help you deal with academic and non-academic challenges, and help you maintain accountability and discipline.
f. The Mentor will be your ultimate accountability partner.
g. Mentor regulated Peer group for discussion and information.
h. Excel Sheets to track your overall preparation.

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