Mains Mentorship Program For 2024 – Batch 3


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SOMP Mains mentorship Program – August 2023 to February 2024

Join our 2 Phase Program designed to cover every aspect of the UPSC Mains examination in a comprehensive manner. We follow an incremental approach where each phase builds upon the previous one, ensuring a strong foundation for complete syllabus coverage.

This program is perfect for students who have not given Mains before or feel uncertain about syllabus completion and answer writing. It is synchronized to align with Mains 2024, enabling diligent students to write the examination from the comfort of their own homes..

Key Program Features:

One-on-One Mentorship for personalized guidance
Daily answer writing practice with 3 questions per day in Phase 1 and 7 questions per day in Phase 2
8 Synchronous Full Length Tests with detailed evaluation and model answers
Essay guidance and tests to enhance essay writing skills
SOMP Thematic Notes for comprehensive coverage
Strategic Zoom Sessions for in-depth discussions
Strategic Booklets and guidance on effective Notes Making and PYQs (Previous Year Questions)

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