Integrated UPSC CSE Mains-Cum-Prelims 2025 Program(For Beginners)


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A comprehensive batch which will help candidates to build a strong foundation under the guidance of SOMP mentors.
SOMP is the only Institute which provides the core mentoring.

Integrated Prelims-cum-Mains Batch for UPSC CSE 2025
4 Phase strategy

1.Foundation (Mid July to Mid Sep 2024)

2.Mains Specific Preparation, Answer Building, Gradual Answer writing ( Mid Sep to Mid Dec 2024 )

3.Intensive Answer Writing (Mid Dec 2024 to Jan 2025)

4.Prelims Preparation ( Jan to May 2025)

Details of Deliverables, details of phases of the program in next 11 months, detailed schedule and all other such details shared in the PDF below.

This Integrated Batch will be your One-Stop solution for Prelims and Mains preparation for UPSC 2025, carefully chartered by 11 months 1-1 mentorship.

Fee -63,500/
For admission contact at @SOMP_ENQUIRIES or

📞 883-7755342 / 9569111161

Email id –