SOMP Mains test series for 2021 and 2022.

Online and offline both facilities are available.

Total 12 full length test

course – A: without Mentorship

What You will get

1. Question Paper

2. Structure of answers

3. Discussion videos

4. Personalised calls after every paper.

5. Mains SOMP notes.

Fee: 9,700/-

Course – B: Mains test series With Mentorship

After each test you will get personalised call in test series but mentorship is not only about calls after test.

In Mentorship you will be allotted one mentor . He/She will guide you till Mains. Mentor will ensure that you study effectively, no distraction during preparation.

Many a times it happens that we join test series but not able to complete, it is the job of the mentor that you finish all the tests.

Fee: 19,000/-

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