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Comprehensive Batch

This Course covers all the Programs of SOMP for Mains 2021. Kindly refer to Below mentioned sections to know more.

Fee: 44,000

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Ethics Test Series – Theory + Case Studies with Solution – Will be Launching Soon. Stay tuned to our Website.


Essay Test Series | Mains 2021

Course Synopsis:

6 Sessions on different Topics — 6 Essay Sessions Schedule – November 11 – November 16

12 Essay Tests | Tests Dates: 17th November – 17th December

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MAINS 2021

Duration – Nov 12- Dec 13 | Approx. 1.5hr-2hr per session | Tentative Timings – 2pm-4pm

. There are total 24 Thematic Sessions. The only sessions you require during Mains.

  • SOMP notebook ( Something unique initiative) to all SOMP Mains students.
  • Appropriate breaks between different GS papers so that you consolidate your preparation.
  • This, at SOMP, will be one of the best courses this year. This course will definitely benefit the students a lot.
  • Recorded Sessions will be provided.
  • SOMP Thematic Session Notes

  • Fee – 12,000/
  • Starting from November 8th.

For Complete details, Please Go through attached PDF

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DX Premium course

Course Synopsis:

DX course. (Rare, premium course)

  • Discretion might help or ruin your chances of getting a rank.
  • 2 copy evaluators awarding marks might vary by 8-12 marks. Just imagine that someone is giving you 8 less or more marks and if you take total of it, you might be getting 50 less or more marks. 50 marks difference is so so huge.

  • Every coaching promises that we have layers of copy checking. One person check your copy then review then review.

“Let SOMP go extra mile this time”

  • In this course:
  • Step 1 : Your copy will be evaluated by 2 mentors .You will get both evaluated copies. Not one two evaluated copies.
  • Step 2 : Both the mentors will discuss why there is difference of marks even if it is of one Mark.
  • Step 3 : your mentor ( probably I will be the only mentor in this course) , will discuss with other 2 mentors about

A) difference of marks B) what improvement is needed to be done.

  • Step 4: Your mentor will call you and discuss the final judgement( things which you have to do). So that you won’t be confused with two feedbacks.
  • Step 5 : feedback has to be implemented in next test. This will be ensured by mentors.

  • The entire process will be done within 5 days. That’s why, it will be rigorous but we will try that you understand the role of evaluator discretion under this course.

“Under this course you will be writing SOMP full length test series only”

Note: we are thinking to extend this facility in hurricane batch also, but can’t promise as of now.

Course Fee: 24,000/-

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SOMP PSIR Test Series Cum Mentorship Program

AIM = Most sincere student in PSIR fall in category of 240-250 bracket. The aim of this program is to push your marks further by adding value addition of 25-50 marks minimum.

Course Features:

1. Tests will be taken every alternate day.

2. Total Daily tests = 22 so, total day of Program = 22X2 = 44 plus one day of full length test = 45 days.

3. From every topic at least 2 questions will be asked which means every day 6 Questions will be there. The number of questions from each topic will depend on importance of topic.

4. Answer length will be between 150 words and 250 words, i.e. 200 Words so a candidate can have practice of both long and short answers.

5. Student will get detail feedback on the answer sheet including how to write Introductions, conclusions, how many scholars to add.

6. Aim to test series is to truly give you those extra 25-30-50 marks edge which only comes from answer writing and not just reading material.

7. Weekly sessions on Sunday before the start of each section in which how to move in that section, how to study and answer writing will be discussed.

8. Apart from it mentors will provide personal guidance to students after each test so that immediate changes in be made. Apart from it in weekly session we will discuss which student has performed well and which has not. And How to improve it.

9. Support of Mentor will be available till UPSC mains and not just during duration of test series.

Paper 1

Section A

Day 1 = Political Theory + Theories of State + Plato

Day 2 = Justice + Equality + Aristotle

Day 3 = Rights + Democracy + Machiavelli

Day 4 = Power + Hobbes + Locke

Day 5 = Political Ideologies (Except Gandhism) + Mill + Marx

Day 6 = Dharmashatra + Arthashastra + Buddhist tradition + Gramsci + Ardent

Day 7 = Rest of Indian Political Thought

Section B

Day 8 = Political Strategies + Perspective in INM + Making of Indian Constitution

Day 9 = Salient feature of Constitution + Salient features of Union and State Government

Day 10 = Grass root Democracy + Commissions

Day 11 = Federalism + Planning and Economic Development

Day 12 = Indian Politics + Party System + Social Movement

Paper 2

Section A

Day 13 = Comparative Politics + State in Comparative Perspective

Day 14 = Politics of Representation + Globalisation

Day 15 = Approaches to Study of International Relations + Key Concepts in IR

Day 16 = Changing International Political Order

Day 17 = Evolution of International Economic System + UN (and India and UN)

Day 18 = Regionalisation of World Politics + Contemporary Global Concerns

Section B (smaller because most topics merged with section A)

Day 19 = IFP + NAM and India

Day 20 = South Asia and Global South

Day 21 = India and Global Centers of Power + Indian and its nuclear question

Day 22 = New World Order + Contemporary Global Concerns

Fee: 15,000/-

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Course Aim:

The idea behind this module is to guide the aspirants how to steer their ship in the next 60 days.

Given the unpredictable Prelims every year , you can’t afford to not give your best shot in mains 2021.

And some tips and assistance at the last hour can do wonders !!

What would be offered in the mentorship module?

1. Writing tests are good , but how much to write would be discussed .

2. What to read and where from .

3. Examples, current news would be shared for value addition .

4. Answers would be evaluated ( as much the student writes ) .

5. Complex topics would be discussed once a week on zoom call .

6. All day available for topic guidance and phone call for individuals .

7. Duration of assistance will be till the mains exam .

8. Clinical approach to syllabus with individual based customised schedule.

9. Mentor would share some of his own notes too .

Its specifically for Mains 2021 students only .

Fee : 6000/-

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Preliminary Exam – 05 June 2022


Prelims cum Mains 2022 course

Course Synopsis:

All of us know about the stages of UPSC Civil Services Examination. The pattern is known – objective in prelims and answer writing in mains. Yet, a clear approach to conquer these two stages keeps troubling most of the candidates. Some repeatedly struggle in prelims, some in mains.

While there are aspirants who manage to clear it in just 1 attempt.

What makes this possible? Three broad things.

1. A clear strategy and vision for each stage

2. Giving adequate time for each stage preparation.

3. Testing that one is adequately equipped for both stages.

The destination looks simple, but the journey is hazy for most. It has been repeatedly observed that students who follow the above 3 steps are far better equipped to deal with this exam, and have a higher chance of success.

So, if we aim success in 2022, what needs to be done. The answer is simple.

1. Start Early

2. Have a strategic, focused approach.

3. A different approach for each month

4. Adequately testing oneself gradually.

This is the underlying thought behind the Integrated-Pre-Cum-Mains for 2022 by us.

-> We will start early

-> Prepare with a defined strategy, plan and schedule

-> Prepare in the most OPTIMUM manner for both Prelims, Mains

-> Test Adequately and gradually for both Prelims. By Adequately , we mean the right quantity and quality. By gradually, we mean the right pace.

The plan is from 8th November 2021 to 4th June 2022( pre date subject to COVID wave) . We have certain objectives and expectations regarding each month.

Fee – 25,500/

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Course Synopsis:

1 You cannot be in prelims mode forever, even if you are not clearing prelims !

2 This course can pave the way for your best attempt at the next mains , be it either UPSC or your State PCS e.g. UPPCS.

3 This course would force you to read at least 3 topics from Mains perspective everyday .

4 Every month we shall be covering around 50+ mains topics without much effort .

5 The course would begin from 1 November 2021 .

MONTH 1: Nov 2021

WEEK 1 : GS 1

WEEK 2 : GS 2

WEEK 3 : GS 3

WEEK 4 : GS 4

MONTH 2: Dec 2021

WEEK 1 : GS 1

WEEK 2 : GS 2

WEEK 3 : GS 3

WEEK 4 : GS 4

MONTH 3: Jan 2022

WEEK 1 : GS 1

WEEK 2 : GS 2

WEEK 3 : GS 3

WEEK 4 : GS 4

MONTH 4 : Feb 2022

WEEK 1 : GS 1

WEEK 2 : GS 2

WEEK 3 : GS 3

WEEK 4 : GS 4

  • The answer writing sessions would be 5 days per week – Monday to Friday .
  • Minimum 3 ques /day .
  • Weekend zoom session for discussion of questions .
  • This module involves MENTORSHIP .



W1D1 – Modern History

W1D2 – Ancient-Medieval-Culture

W1D3 – Post Independence, World History

W1D4 – Society

W1D5 – Geography


W2D1 – Polity1

W2D2 – Polity2

W2D3- Social Justice

W2D4 – Governance

W2D5 – International Relations


W3D1 – Economy

W3D2- Agriculture

W3D3 – S&T

W3D4- Environment, DM

W3D5 – Internal Security


W4D1 – Ethics and Human Interface ; Attitude;

W4D2 – Aptitude, Foundational values; Emotional Intelligence ; Contribution of Moral Thinkers and Philosophers.

W4D3 – Civil Service Values and Ethics in Public Administration ; Probity in Governance.

W4D4 – Case Studies

W4D5 – Case Studies


1. 1st month : 4000/-

2. 1st + 2nd month : 7500/-

3. 1st +2nd + 3rd month : 10500/-

4. 1st + 2nd + 3rd + 4th month : 13000/-

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