Course Aim:

  • We will force you to write your answers in one go in front of Live Zoom Session. The Idea is to ensure Quantity without compromising the Quality.
  • It’s time for the Speed. (But it’s not that we will focus only on quantity. With proper evaluation you will find improvement in your answer writing)

3-5-7 Model

3 Questions for first 2 weeks (5 Days a Week)

5 Questions for next 2 weeks (5 Days a Week)

7 Questions for next 2 weeks (5 Days a Week)

Who will it benefit:

Students who have not done much answer writing before, so that they will be gradually introduced into the answer writing process.

This gradual process will ensure that they get ready for FLTs in December in a gradual manner, and also complete their syllabus.

Time Allotted:

3 Questions – 1hr

5 Questions – 1hr

7 Questions – 1hr

What is special in this?

The issue of not able to sit in one go , is not going to be an issue. You will write answers on live zoom session. One of our TEAM MEMBER will host that session. Your zoom video has to be on and audio muted So that INVILIGATOR will observe you while writing answers.

Idea behind this course is, that you should feel the pressure that someone is there to check whether you are writing in 1hr only. You will feel the self accountability of sitting 1hr and writing 7 questions.


1. Only in the allotted times you are allowed to submit your answer copies. After that your ANSWER COPY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Everyday two windows of time is available with you.

2. If you go anywhere between this time slot , Then YOUR COPY WILL NOT BE EVALUATED.

3. First two days we will provide some flexibility to you in terms of completing the paper. After that you have to attempt all the questions. Minimum two paragraphs in one question has to be there else that question will be treated as not written. If you fail to write all questions then YOUR COPY of that day WILL NOT BE EVALUATED..

4. Time slots: A) 9am & B) 2pm ( both the time slots were chosen because you Will start writing your Mains (UPSC) on this time only)

5. You must send us your scanned copy in maximum 40 minutes after completion of the paper.

Important Note:

Model Answers will Not be provided. Detailed Evaluations will be given.

The Mentor Support is not only for the duration of the Course, but till Mains 2021.


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